Production & Delivery

Using automated systems and an in-house production team, we quickly transform your magazine into an impressive digital edition that looks gorgeous on mobile, so your readers can swipe through redesigned articles and enjoy your content on the go. Our technology allows for you to create the design and look you want—with custom text themes, custom fonts, and enhancements like parallax and image galleries.

Give readers your magazine instantly, online or offline, without having to download an app—that’s the power of using Progressive Web App technology. eMagazines sends email notifications or integrates with your email service provider.

People Magazine Email Notification

Production & Delivery Features

  • Branded and personalized
  • Smartphone optimized
  • Library of issues
  • One click to read


Publish on Apple News+

eMagazines transforms magazine content from a print-ready PDF to the article.json format needed to publish to Apple News+. Along with exporting to the Apple News format, eMagazines adds enhancements like picture galleries, parallax, drop caps, and other features that make your premium magazine content stand out and look beautiful on Apple devices.

Publish on Apple News+

Turn-key service – PDF to Apple News+