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eMagazines has partners that get your content into the retailers, libraries, schools, airlines, hotels, and more

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Partnerships and integrations

Want more subscribers? We integrate with top magazine subscription agents and partner with the best networks and online retailers in the business so you can reach new readers.

Full support in satisfying digital subscribers

No more problems caused by outdated technology or processes. Our digital magazine distribution services make it easy to deliver premium content digitally, so you can grow unobstructed. You’ll be able to satisfy every new digital-first subscriber.

Who you can reach

We partner with top magazine subscription agents, online retailers, and strategic partners to bring you new opportunities.
Cruise lines
Medical offices
“eMagazines’ responsiveness, attention to detail, and overall forward-looking approach have been a revenue-generating asset to Sports Illustrated. I look forward to maintaining and expanding our partnership with them.”
Don Stone
Director of Print Production,
Sports Illustrated

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