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Storyfinder Issue Repository

Discover and repurpose your premium content

Our issue repository helps you maximize your best content effortlessly and while respecting the rights of content owners.

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Re-use your own content (legally)

StoryFinder replaces the need to hunt through PDFs to find your magazine articles and all of their critical data.

Built for increasing revenue

With StoryFinder, you can discover and repurpose your best content. Publish it on your website to drive traffic and ad clicks or package content on the same subject into a special issue available for purchase.

Strategy and expertise on hand

Here at eMagazines, we bring decades of experience working with the best publishers in the world. We can help you strategize and execute on a variety of ways to repurpose your content.

An excellent add-on service to our digital magazine reader

StoryFinder is the perfect add-on to our core offering, turning your print edition into a digital edition that looks great on tablets, computers, and phones. We can add all of your new content to StoryFinder and will partner with you to get back issues stored too.
“eMagazines is a joy to work with and is a true partner. They do a great job transforming our magazines from PDFs to the format needed to publish on Apple News+ and they enable us to offer a seamless mobile-ready digital offering to our own subscribers.”
Jason Pomerantz
Vice President,
Madavor Media

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