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VegOut Digital Magazine Transformation

December 6, 2023

The Opportunity

VegOut Magazine is the Premier Plant-Based Food and Culture Magazine. As VegOut recently turned their attention from print to a digital only experience, they needed to find a digital solutions provider to produce an amazing digital experience, in addition to providing the reader a white-glove experience.

The Challenge

Moving Readers From a print publication to a premium digital experience

  • Better Overall Reader Journey: Immediate Access
  • Modern Mobile Layout with “Read to Me” Feature
  • Replace Current Subscriber Fulfillment Pages: Include Archive
  • Less Customer Service Inquiries

The Solution

  • One-Click Access for Subscribers

With eMagazines, your readers receive an email at the time of subscription, and at the release of every new issue. The reader clicks on their custom generated link, and they are immediately reading the issue. That’s it, no login, no fuss.

  • Custom Digital Production & Template Design

eMagazines custom approach to template and issue building gives your magazine a style that stands apart from the rest of the digital magazine solutions. Instead of trying to completely automate the PDF to digital conversion, eMagazines actually has real people hand crafting your issue. Imagine that!

  • Custom Landing Pages

Since VegOut was leaving print, they needed a solution to replace the services their fulfillment house was providing. eMagazines built them custom subscription landing pages that alert the customer to the new digital only experience and also tout the fact they now get access to the entire digital archive.

  • Full Customer Service Support

Q&A With The Publisher

eMags: How would you describe your experience working with the eMagazine team?

Maggie: Working with the eMagazines team was seamless. I was nervous about the whole process of switching digital magazine distribution partners right before our holiday issue release. But they made it easy! Doug was there every step of the way to answer all of my questions (and I had a lot!).

eMags: How did eMagazines ensure that your customers would have a smooth journey to the new platform?

Maggie: Before switching over, I talked out every detail with the eMags team—how we would communicate the new reader experience to current subscribers, how we would handle new subscribers, etc. With clear communication to our subscribers, the customer service inquiries have been minimal.

eMags: Can you tell us what eMagazines does different than other digital providers?

Maggie: My previous digital provider was difficult to get in touch with. When I had questions, my emails would go unanswered. The eMags team gets back to me promptly and is available to jump on a call when needed to chat things out. I don’t feel like just another customer—it’s a partnership and they really care about the success of my magazine.

eMags: Did eMagazines make it easier for you to decide to switch to a digital only format?

Maggie: Yes. I don’t think I would have felt as good about going digital-only if I didn’t find a provider that cut down on the friction for my readers. Before, the digital magazine was really secondary to print. Now, it’s the star of the show!

eMags: Would you recommend the eMagazines platform to other publishers?

Maggie: Definitely! The biggest selling point is that eMags doesn’t require a login for readers. In the past, our readers had to log in and it added friction to the whole process. Many subscribers didn’t end up reading their issues because they never got a notification that their new issue was ready. And we had a lot of confused subscribers reaching out to us. With eMags, subscribers just click the link that is emailed to them and are taken directly to the magazine. If you’re looking to streamline your digital magazine fulfillment process and cut down on the hassle for readers, make the switch.