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May 12, 2021

eMagazines launches eMags Studios for publisher audio solutions

Stephanie Solomon: “Audio is a critical tool for reader engagement.” Photograph: Lee Campbell on Unsplash.

“In early testing with audio narrations, we immediately saw engagement increase within the digital editions we create for our clients,” said Andrew Degenholtz, Founder and President. “Consumers are listening to content now more than ever and adding the option to listen to articles from top magazine brands is a natural next step.”

eMags Studios allows magazine publishers to transform text content into high-production value audio without changing their existing workflow, allowing subscribers to integrate magazine journalism into their lives in new ways, says the company.

The eMags Studios team is set up to create and produce professional narrations of articles using in-house talent, or by working with magazine publishers to capture existing editorial voices virtually. Publishers also have the option to produce their own audio and have eMags Studios add elements like music, voice intros and sound effects.

“Audio is a critical tool for reader engagement. eMagazines provides a turn key solution for effective and efficient distribution. We’re excited about the possibilities,” says Stephanie Solomon, CRO of Foreign Affairs magazine.

In addition to voiceover production, eMagazines digital editions are now integrated with the Amazon Polly Neural Text-to-Speech voice service to provide high quality spoken audio for all magazine articles. This lifelike audio is also a valuable tool to accommodate customers who are visually impaired, says eMagazines.

You can find out more about eMagazines in our Publishing Services Directory.

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December 17, 2020

Hearst UK launches Instant Digital Access with eMagazines

Seema Kumari: “By implementing instant digital access through the eMagazines solution, our new print subscribers are able to enjoy current issues right away.”

CHICAGO, IL – eMagazines, a partner of the world’s largest magazine publishers and the leading web-based digital solution provider, collaborated with Hearst UK to launch instant digital access on their webstore, hearstmagazines.co.uk.

Launched in October, Hearst UK began offering customers instant digital access to current issues for new print subscribers across all their brands. Immediately upon purchasing a new subscription, consumers are able to securely access the specially-designed digital edition on any device.

“We led the charge with publishers and partners in the U.S. to reimagine the Instant Start experience and are thrilled to work with the Hearst UK team to add this service for all of their brands,” said Blake Pollard, VP and Co-Founder at eMagazines. “eMagazines is focused on innovative ways to help publishers and agents sell more subscriptions and increase digital engagement. Consumers expect immediate gratification when purchasing online, and we have created a solution that allows new subscribers to start reading within seconds,” said Pollard.

“The team at eMagazines has been wonderful to work with and we are very excited about the instant digital access initiative,” said Digital Marketing Director at Hearst UK, Seema Kumari, adding, “Our goal is to grow subscriptions and give subscribers the best possible user experience. By implementing instant digital access through the eMagazines solution, our new print subscribers are able to enjoy current issues right away.”eMagazines secures publishers’ content with its proprietary system and optimizes both content and design for consuming on mobile devices. Through a web-based progressive app, consumers are able to read reimagined digital versions of magazines across their devices, including an interactive desktop version so that magazine content can be easily enjoyed on larger screens.

eMagazines is a design-forward global technology platform that enables digital distribution and discoverability of premium print content for the most prominent publishers and agency partners in the world. Our three properties include eMagazines, a technology that seamlessly transforms print products into premium mobile experiences; the soon to be launched eMags Digital Newsstand, which sells and delivers digital editions of magazines; and eMags Rewards, an easily-implemented rewards program that leverages the eMagazines platform to engage and reward customer loyalty.

Hearst UK publishes 23 brands including Esquire, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping. Hearst’s print and digital brands reach over one in three UK women and one in four UK men every month, selling over four million magazines a month, Hearst reaches 20+ million UK digital unique users.

Visit hearstmagazines.co.uk to subscribe and get instant digital access.

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October 13, 2020

eMagazines’ Founder Andrew Degenholtz Honored as Crain’s Notable Entrepreneur

Crain's Notable Entrepreneurs

Crain’s Chicago Business chose eMagazines’ founder, Andrew Degenholtz, to be included in their Crain’s 2020 Notable Entrepreneurs award list. The honorees include Chicago’s top innovators who are “helping to put Chicago on the map as a center for entrepreneurship” while navigating the challenges of COVID-19 and charting new possibilities for the future.

For years before the COVID-19 pandemic, eMagazines worked to create the most seamless, intuitive, and reader-friendly digital magazine platform. When the pandemic introduced an unparalleled need for contactless ways to access trusted news and entertainment content, it became clear that eMagazines had a new role to play and an opportunity to connect publishers with readers in a meaningful way.

“eMagazines shares this space with so many teams of dedicated, creative and innovative Chicagoans,” Degenholtz says. “And it’s such a privilege.”

At the core of eMagazines is a passion for making beloved magazine content more accessible and vibrant than ever before when it’s needed like never before. We hope our inclusion on this list allows us to share both our product and our passion with an even wider audience!

See our feature in Crain’s right here.

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August 20, 2020

Introducing eMags Rewards

Frictionless digital entertainment designed to delight consumers through positive engagement.

Marketers are navigating unfamiliar territory these days. Media habits are swinging to the digital sphere and people crave connection in the midst of isolation. Imagine a product engineered to positively engage consumers while you earn their loyalty at the same time- with no catch.

New Digital Engagement Tool

With industry leading publishers as our partners, we’re introducing consumers to a new way to read and share magazines they love. For our corporate partners, positive brand engagement starts with the first issue and only gets better with time. Tailored for consumer ease and positive corporate branding, eMags Rewards is the first-of-its-kind digital magazine platform that asks nothing of its audience but fosters long-lasting customer relationships. eMagazines Founder and President Andrew Degenholtz has tapped industry veteran Larry Nichter to helm the new division.

“eMags Rewards is poised to revolutionize the way we use and view magazines,” Degenholtz says. “And Larry’s experience building and selling engagement programs is a perfect fit.”

“Our platform provides companies the ability to gift the best digital content available while creating significant positive engagement touchpoints,” according to Nichter, whose career in digital rewards spans more than 20 years and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. “Smart marketers are realizing that positive engagement will lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers are what successful businesses are made of. We can help.”

Everyone knows that loyalty is earned with trust, and trust is built through positive engagements. eMags Rewards provides professional quality content in the form of a customer-centric gift. Too many times customers click on a rewards link only to be “rewarded” with too many asks- for personal information, for credit card numbers, etc. When your customer receives an eMags Rewards magazine subscription from your company, there’s nothing for them to do except open, enjoy and smile when they think of you.

“This is unlike anything you’ve seen before”

says Nichter, referring to the fact that most other magazine reward programs look for a way to accomplish other sales objectives: not eMags Rewards. It’s a gift.

About eMagazines & eMags Rewards

eMagazines has brought the industry’s most beloved magazines to life on digital and mobile devices for years, preserving brand integrity and streamlining the digital experience for readers. Partnering with publishers large and small, eMagazines ensures quality journalism is available, accessible and vibrant as the demand for digital content rises in the age of COVID-19.

eMags Rewards is a newly formed division of eMagazines that uses the company’s innovative technology and top publisher relationships to offer a branded solution platform with unparalleled positive engagement opportunities.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations, partnerships, and rewards-driven innovation.

For press inquiries, please contact Jessica Gable.

For business development inquiries, please email info@emagsrewards.com.


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June 26, 2020

eMagazines and TIME for Kids partner to make digital library accessible, engaging and free.

According to UNESCO, more than 1. 5 billion children have been affected by school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As children and their teachers switched to an exclusively virtual classroom model, TIME for Kids enlisted the help of eMagazines to create a mobile-ready digital version of their library, fully accessible to any teachers and students who need it.

“Prior to COVID-19 we were in the early stages of designing a new experience for Time for Kids with a focus on accessibility, but this situation required an urgent solution to a massive shift in learning and education. In less than 10 days, the team at eMagazines worked hand in hand with our team to ensure we were able to reach children through their teachers, parents and families in a safe, easy to use format that was accessible without an internet connection,” says Matt Stevenson, VP of progress marketing at TIME. “To date we have seen nearly 350,000 families from all over the world registered through the free portal and look forward to continuing our mission to make sure that kids can access fact-based, trustworthy journalism that puts the world into age-appropriate context.”

“The project was a great fit for eMagazines because we specialize in cutting down barriers to online content and delivering beautiful brand experiences while maintaining security,” says eMagazines founder Andrew Degenholtz. The company currently delivers vibrant mobile editions of 150 of the world’s most respected magazine publications that, like TIME, work to produce ethically sourced content and reliable reporting.

eMagazines’ software takes in PDFs and seamlessly reflows them so that kids and teachers can easily read the magazine content on a desktop or a mobile device, which Cal State LA media psychologist Dr. Kaveri Subrahmanyam says is especially important now. 

“The main thing is to recognize that a lot of children from low income households and minority-led homes only have access to mobile devices,” according to Dr. Subrahmanyam. 

This could mean an unreliable internet connection, so making content available offline goes a long way towards accessibility for many kids. Thanks to eMagazines’ use of progressive web app technology, the digital TIME for Kids library is fully downloadable and doesn’t require an app or complicated sign-in. Once a child or teacher downloads the digital magazine, it’s always with them whether they have an internet connection or not. Each edition in the digital library is also equipped with audio capabilities so students who are either pre-reading age or have special learning challenges can easily access the material.   

Dr. Subrahmanyam adds that when publishers “engage children to think deeply and use academic reading strategies,” as TIME for Kids does, it increases the success of learning from digital materials.

For press inquiries, please contact Jessica Gable.