Audio solutions featuring Amazon Polly

eMagazines uses its state-of-the-art digital platforms to connect publishers and readers in exciting new ways. Now, with Amazon Polly, we provide high-quality audio editions with lifelike speech for all magazine articles. In addition to reading, users can now listen to compelling stories from their favorite brands and follow along with highlighted text on their phone or tablet.

Audio content has never been more popular with consumers –– it’s quickly becoming a preferred method for consuming content. This is a game-changer for magazine publishers, providing a whole new avenue for meaningful engagement with readers.

Amazon’s Polly Neural Text-to-Speech voice service features:

• Male and female sounding voice options
• Choice of speaking style: newscaster or conversational
• Real-time streaming with unlimited replays
• Multiple language options

Now, subscribers can make their listening experience their own by adjusting playback speeds and following along on-screen with real-time text highlighting. This tool also allows publishers to accommodate visually impaired readers, making quality magazine journalism more accessible to all.

Incorporating audio versions of articles is proven to support customer acquisition and retention, increasing subscription and advertising revenue over time. We’re excited to be able to use our platforms to help magazine publishers continue to grow their digital presence.

eMagazines is a design-forward technology and retail platform that enables distribution and discovery of top-notch print magazine content. Our seamless mobile platforms are proven to help publishers retain subscribers and grow revenue.

Our four properties include eMagazines, a technology that effortlessly transforms print products into premium mobile experiences; eMags Digital Newsstand, which sells and delivers digital editions of magazines; ValueMags, which sells print and digital magazine subscriptions; And eMags Studios, which allows publishers to dive deeper into a professional voiceover studio for creating audio versions of long-form magazine articles.

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