emagazines insight is now oplytic
is your magazine app marketing working?
We can now measure the results of our individual marketing efforts so we learn what works and what doesn't. Simply put, eMagazines Insight gives us the information we need to sell more digital subs and single copies.
eMagazines tracking links make it easy to measure the effectiveness of our promotions and track sales conversions for our digital editions.
Bruce Miller,
Bonnier Corporation
Kathryn Braet,
Meredith Corporation
Easy to Install
eMagazines Insight requires a small piece of code embedded in your iOS App. We don't use UDID.
Real Time Reporting
View real time installation rates and In-App order rates so you can test and roll out promotions quickly.
Sell More with Affiliates
Develop affiliate relationships, pay for performance, and sell through mobile advertising networks without needing to install more code.
eMagazines: Marketing Best Practices
We know what works. Read our white paper. Find out 10 ways to promote your digital edition and much more.